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Freier Theologe & Redner für Ihre Freie Trauung

Beschreibung: Freier Theologe und Redner für alternative Hochzeitszeremonien. Ich gestalte zweisprachige Trauungszeremonien für binationale Paare in Deutschland, Italien, Österreich oder weltweit

Details: Inocentiu Fron studied Roman Catholic and eastern rite theology in Rome and England. He lives in Germany and is active as a trained officiant for alternative weddings since 2004. - Many couples wish for a wedding with spiritual content but do not want the restrictions of a church setting or they want to promise to the goodness of themselves as lovers and human beings with- out making reference to deities. You may wish to register your marriage at a registry office and then hold a wedding ceremony, conducted by a trained minister, in the venue of your choosing, a hotel, a private chapel, signature building or even your own home or garden.

Alternative wedding ceremonies are experienced by the couples as just as valid as any church marriage ceremony and the promises or vows made are taken just as seriously by them. They often feel attracted to the traditions of wearing splendid clothes, processing, speaking of their love before their loved ones, exchanging gifts and relating friends and families by promises but have no wish of the church setting or the limitations of a registry office.

Together with you we will design a service with wording of your own choice, your own pledges, music, readings and promises for giving of rings or gifts. The celebrant will conduct the ceremony in the manner you desire with prayers, blessings and traditional or modern vows as you wish before your chosen witnesses, family and friends.

More and more brides and grooms are requesting for a designed ceremony, this I am happy to do, contact me to inquire further in this regard.

Inocentiu Fron (Dipl.-Theologe)
Schmidham / Au 4, 94099 Ruhstorf
Phone.: +49 (0)8534 / 96 94 21
Mobile: 0176 511 941 50
Email: info@feierstunden.de

Webseite: http://www.feierstunden.de/  
Kategorie:   Freie Trauung
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Autor / Firma: Inocentiu Fron
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